It’s time for better health care solutions.

The traditional health insurance system is failing.
It’s time to try a better way.

Innovative solutions to control your health care costs.

Let’s face it, the traditional health insurance system is broken. According to a 2020 employer survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, annual premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance were up 4% from the year before, rising to $7,470 for an individual and $21,342 for a family. That’s a staggering 55% increase in just the last 10 years. Individual plan premiums have also seen a substantial increase in the last few years, with the average annual premium for a 27-year-old coming in at $4,656 and $18,240 for a family of four. That’s an increase of 62% and 74% respectively since 2016.

This is not sustainable.

Thankfully there is a better way.

Superior Health Strategies utilizes innovative, forward-thinking solutions like medical cost-sharing plans as well as disruptive wellness programs and fresh solutions like ICHRA plans. This combination provides comprehensive coverage that can save clients money, give more choices to employees, and allow individuals to be more actively engaged in their health care decisions and costs.

Our Focus


Game-changing Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements that became available in 2020.

Superior Health Strategies offers innovative medical cost sharing plans.

Sharing Plans

A new approach to managing health care expenses that lets you play an active role in controlling your health care costs.

Superior Health Strategies offers disruptive wellness benefit programs.

Health Access

This membership pairs well with sharing plans, providing free preventive services, direct primary care access, and more.

About Us.

Superior Health Strategies was founded on the idea that everyone deserves to be healthy and should have access to the resources necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to provide this information to clients while giving them the tools to navigate the often confusing and frustrating financial aspects of health care.

We firmly believe that by taking as much ownership as possible of not only their personal health but also their health care costs, individuals can be key drivers and play a crucial role in containing (and eventually driving down) health care costs for everyone.