Group Solutions

Medical cost sharing and other innovative solutions to health care costs

Let’s face it, the traditional health insurance system is broken, causing a growing number of employees to become disheartened and unhappy with their coverage, while straining the budgets of businesses. It’s time for a better solution.

Thanks to new rules that went into effect on January 1, 2020, employers have more options than ever when it comes to offering coverage to their employees. Employers are now able to provide exceptional health care coverage options to their employees at a lower cost, while freeing them from the burden of being in the insurance business. These new rules have paved the way for a new, innovative solution that has been shown to save employers 15-30% on health care costs in the first year. All while continuing to provide employees with access to everyday health care needs and affordable protection against larger, unexpected health care expenses.

If you’re an employer who is tired of endless renewal premium increases and consistently cutting your employees’ benefits, you need to take a look at this groundbreaking solution.

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