Sharing Plans

Medical Cost Sharing is a proven alternative to the health insurance status quo. Available for both businesses and individuals, Medical Cost Sharing can offer savings of up to 50% over traditional health insurance. Say goodbye to insurance hassles, including out-of-network concerns and surprise billing!

Every member has access to 24/7/365 telemedicine, second opinions from the nation’s top doctors via 2nd.MD, and access to a Member Services Advisor to help them navigate Medical Cost Sharing and manage their health care choices.

What Makes Medical Cost Sharing Unique?

Members of the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing community believe that making smart choices with diet, exercise, and lifestyle can greatly improve one’s quality of life. They recognize that when a community of like-minded people agree to strive for a healthy lifestyle and share one another’s health care expenses, everyone wins.

Medical Cost Sharing For Individuals

Built on the principle of like-minded people coming together to share each other’s burdens, a cost sharing plan can be an excellent alternative for individuals and families. These plans are particularly attractive to healthy individuals who make living a healthy lifestyle a priority. Medical Cost Sharing can be extremely powerful, especially when combined with programs like the Health Access Membership, which provides access to free preventive services, low cost prescription drugs, unlimited access to direct primary care, and more. Click here to learn more, and enroll you or your family.

Medical Cost Sharing For Businesses

Sedera helps businesses take care of the health and well-being of their employees the way they have always wanted to. With Sedera, business owners can provide exceptional health care to their employees at a lower cost.

What Employers Have To Say

“With traditional insurance, our employees continually felt like they made less and less money because their insurance kept going up. Every year we would have to water down our coverage because of the 10-15% increase. Not with Sedera.”
– Rick Rodgers
Crowder RV, TN, joined 2015

“Sedera helps us put our employees first. Being a part of a healthcare sharing community keeps our employees healthy and relieves their financial burden. Before Sedera we were only able to pay 50-60%, and now we are able to pay 100% which provides more disposable income for them. When you compare our previous healthcare experience with joining the Sedera community, the difference is tremendous. There’s no doubt in my mind we made the right choice for our team.”
– Laz Garza
Aztec Bolting, TX, joined 2017

“Now having entered our third year with Sedera Health, I can confidently say Sedera is an excellent option to drive down healthcare costs for my business and employees while providing a high quality healthcare solution.”
– Jeff Peek
Peek, Toland and Casteñeda, TX, joined 2015

Contact us now to get more information and see if a medical cost sharing plan with Sedera might be a good fit for you or your business.

* Sedera Medical Cost Sharing is not insurance and is not issued or offered by an insurance company. While every effort is made to meet member’s medical needs, Sedera does not guarantee payment of any medical expense.